Honorary President

Erkurt Holding has been providing service in the automotive industry for 40 years. Our highest priority is to respond with high quality, stability, and sustainability to the expectations and requests of our business partners in this sector which is the flagship of Turkish economy. As Erkurt Holding Family, with all our employees, we must aim to provide reliable products and services at universal quality standard in order to be remembered as an influential, reputable and exemplary company in the automotive industry

Our main principles should be reliability, respectability and sustainability. We must never forget that our most important capital is the human resource itself.

Our biggest target should sustain our quality while elevating our productivity to maximum levels and providing high class work force, in order to keep Erkurt Holding alive for generations as a world rand, and be known as the driving force in the sector. To realize all of these, we have to continue growing with deliberate, systematic, rational, and well-directed investments.

Our main and primary goal is to provide an ever-increasing added value to the national economy in a straight, honest, well-intentioned, high grade manner, being respectful to law and without disrupting our form of production and management.

Together and Forever...

Erkurt Holding
Honorary President

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